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HEAT PUMP SELECTION - Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority Guide

The Keys To A Good Heat Pump!  - Get your insulation sorted first - you'll be able to use a smaller unit and your home will be easier and cheaper to heat! - Choose a highly efficient model - check out its Energy Star mark. Click here for ratings. - Opt for a quality brand from a reputable supplier that offers at least 5 year warranty on parts & labour. - Get the right size & type of system for your home. Calculate the room size and use an online calculator to determine what size you will ne...

August 30, 2019

Ducted Heat Pumps

What are they?  Ducted systems are designed to provide your whole house with central heating and cooling at temperatures set by you. The unit is usually placed in the roof or under the house and feeds the warm or cooled air via ducting so only the grilles are visible in the rooms. You can control the temperature via a wall mounted thermostat or via WiFi! This is a great option for homes which don't have the wall space for a heat pump or would prefer an unobtrusive option. Most hom...

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