Commercial refrigeration equipment includes any appliance that provides cooling or freezing storage for your company’s perishable goods.

Commercial refrigeration includes a wide variety of both refrigerators and freezers, including walk-in units, reach-in units and commercial refrigeration display cabinets. Any refrigeration system and chillers used in hospitality, including ice makers too! Go Cold Refrigeration Services Ltd technicians can service and maintain them all to the highest standards.

Be in complete control of your commercial refrigeration systems and make sure they are dependable by having your appliances inspected regularly and maintained by us.

Keeping your refrigeration units running optimally is a vital asset to your business and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Many business owners discount preventative maintenance as a costly extra which has little value but regular maintenance can keep your units running at optimum performance and prevent costly break-downs.

We can offer various types of maintenance plans to suit your equipment and budget, from condition based maintenance (CBM) to full preventative maintenance. Give us an email today to receive your personalised maintenance plan!

Alongside commercial refrigeration we also offer commercial ventilation maintenance and servicing. This includes all office buildings, warehouses, schools, churches etc - covering all air conditioning and ventilation including fresh air and extract systems. Is your commercial building compliant with a valid BWOF? If the answer is NO or you're unsure, give us a ring today and we can come and inspect!

Dave is IQP certified with the Auckland Council for SS9 Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems so can carry out building compliance maintenance and inspection for BWOF's and provide 12a's.