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HEAT PUMP SELECTION - Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority Guide

EECA's guide to choosing the right heap pump

The Keys To A Good Heat Pump! 

- Get your insulation sorted first - you'll be able to use a smaller unit and your home will be easier and cheaper to heat!

- Choose a highly efficient model - check out its Energy Star mark. Click here for ratings.

- Opt for a quality brand from a reputable supplier that offers at least 5 year warranty on parts & labour.

- Get the right size & type of system for your home. Calculate the room size and use an online calculator to determine what size you will need. 

- Have it installed by a suitably trained & experience installer.

- Learn to use your heat pump and remote properly - ask your installer for a lesson!

- Use your heat pump wisely.

For more info head to the EECA NZ website.